The Benefits of Choosing a Dedicated Website Hosting Package

Local Hosting Companies & The Benefits of Choosing a Dedicated Website Hosting Package

Businesses are faced with a wide range of options when it comes to local hosting companies. More often than not, website owners shy away from dedicated hosting. This is more so because of the fear of paying more for the service and the understanding that they can always upgrade later on to the dedicated hosting option. If you run an ecommerce website or any website or blog that receives a huge amount of traffic, choosing the dedicated hosting options could just be the tool you need to take your business to the next level. Here are some of the benefits you stand to gain from local hosting companies that offer you the dedicated hosting option.

No shared resources
With the dedicated hosting, you will enjoy the full power of your own server. You will not be sharing resources with other accounts. What this means is that you will not need to worry about your website slowing or hanging because other users are straining the CPU and RAM. A dedicated server guarantees that no bad scripts from other servers will slow you down. This further leads to enhanced security.

Enhanced performance
The dedicated option from San Diego hosting companies will guarantee you of maximum website uptime. If your site receives high traffic, you need a server that offers more reliability and stability. You will not get this with the shared hosting option which is ideal for websites with low to medium traffic. With the dedicated server, you will be assured that you are not sharing space with malicious websites that may ultimately damage your website or impede the performance of the server. Dedicated hosting is ideal for businesses handling sensitive transactions over SSL or FTP.

More flexibility
With the dedicated option, the website hosting company will give you the flexibility of customizing your servers to the unique needs of your clients. You can change the CPU, RAM, software and disk space. This flexibility allows you to tune your server to achieve the ultimate performance. You will not be limited to the software, applications and operating environment as is the case with the shared and VPS hosting. With dedicated hosting, you can choose the software and platform that you need. The option gives you ful control over your website and hosting platform.

Unique IP
Each hosting server has a unique IP address. What this means is that if you are using shared hosting from website hosting companies, you will be sharing the IP address with other websites. If one of your neighbors is flagged as a spam site or an adult site, so will your website. Shared hosting can affect your ranking and online reputation. Dedicated hosting gives you a dedicated server. You hence have your own unique IP address. This is important if you are an ecommerce site that is involved in credit card processing.

If you have the money, going for the dedicated hosting services is a great investment worth making. Nonetheless, you have to pick the most reliable company from the myriad of San Diego hosting companies.