local hosting companies

Local Hosting Companies

When it comes to hosting, you usually have two options; to host with the local hosting companies or to use the international companies. More often than not, people choose international companies with the assumption that they will get better services. This is not always the case. There are a couple of reasons that make working with a local company a better choice.

Personalized services
An enterprise hosting company that deals with an internet clientele has a huge workload. Often times, these companies are overwhelmed. Consequently, they end up compromising certain areas such as the quality of customer support services they afford their customers. This is not the case with local hosting companies. They deal with a specific client. They know the plight of their local clients and offer services that uniquely solve those problems.

Improved speed
How far a server is from the website user affects a website’s load speed. If it is too far, the load and navigation speed will be low. Working with local hosting companies guarantees that your visitors access your website at incredibly fast speeds. They understand the connection limitations of the local Internet users and have come up with solutions to navigate that problem.

With an international website hosting company, the security measures in place are generalized. Such companies work with clients in different countries. If there is a specific security problem in a certain areas such as a malicious computer virus in San Diego that is crashing websites, the international company will not be able to respond to that problem in time. This is not the case with the local website hosting company. They monitor the security risks in your area and will be among the first to come up with an ultimate solution. They will get you back on track within a fraction of the time.

Better customer service
Often, you never get to meet the international company that is offering the hosting services. This is a disadvantage especially when hiring for the first time. You can never tell if that company is a legitimate one or not. Local based companies are a few blocks away. You can either make a call or walk into their offices. Whenever you have a problem, they can always assign a technician to resolve it for you.

Local IP
If you deal with local customers, a local IP is one of the best things you can get. Local IPs means your website is being hosted in the area your customers live. This will give a boost in the local search engine rankings and also help new customers identify you as a locally based company.

Many more benefits are associated with working with local hosting companies. However, the fact that there are local hosting companies down the block does not mean you choose the first company that comes your way. You have to exercise caution. Not every service provider has your best interest at heart. Research the company by reading online reviews and always read and understand all the terms of service before committing.