Yahoo Marketing Credits

Yahoo Marketing Credits

Yahoo! is one of the most cost effective ways to reach the customers who are looking for you – the ones already interested in what you already offer. With ads that appear in search results, you can promote your business to people who are actively searching online for you. Best of all you pay only when your ad is clicked.

Unlike other marketing options, a Sponsored Search account offers measurable results and lets you test different ads.

Sponsored Search can achieve multiple objectives.

 Help find new customers
 Let people know about your website
 Help you show in search results
 Have a choice of doing it yourself or using Yahoo!’s assisted setup.
There are many types of Internet marketing, but one thing sets Sponsored Search apart: you don’t go looking for customers, they find you.

To learn how Yahoo! Sponsored Search can help you with your marketing goals and receive $25 credit on us contact an imSMB sales rep today.