Easy Local Directory

Local Search Made Easy for Your SMB

Easily submit your business listing to more than 200 online local directories.
Easily submit your listing to more than 200 local search directories, telephone information directories and GPS navigation systems.

Want to see the partial list of directories?
Whenever your information changes, you need only update it once, and we’ll make the changes to all 200+ networks, every year

Only $70/ Year

Did you know? Local Search Facts

More than 80% of Internet users search locally
97% of Internet users use the Internet to gather shopping information
Less than 50% of US small business have a website.
Local search grew 72% from 2008 (ComScore)
82% of Google searches have a local component to them
50% of searchers turned to a search engine first, 24% the Yellow pages

Attract local customers to your website and front door by being on all major local directories, like Yellowpages, Superpages, Google Maps, etc.

Even if you do not have a website yet Easy Local Search puts you in front of the more than 30 Million local searches.

Similar to the print Yellow Pages, you have the ability to publish more information about your business, such as product descriptions or driving directions. Although, unlike the Print YellowPages, your information is always up to date. Let’s say that you have recently moved your office or changed your phone number to a snazzy new toll free number. With Print directories you are stuck, with EasyLocal Directory, your are always one click away from an update.