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DIY easySEO Campaign Management

imSMB offers the first easySEO tool-set that has step-by-step, plain English, hand held processes and automated tools specifically for small businesses. We walk you through the SEO process step by step and explain what and why you are doing each step.

This simple step by step search engine marketing work flow and processes lets you or  anyone run your entire website SEO campaign and build your website’s visibility in just 5 minutes a day…

Free SEO website analysis
Get a
Free WebSite Analysis with our easy online tool!

No previous internet marketing experience or knowledge is needed. easySEO is a cost effective DIY SEO platform for Small and Local Businesses.

Our easySEO tool is the most revolutionary, cost effective and easiest to use internet marketing for local and small businesses than anything else available. Typically for local businesses with Geo-targeted keyword focus, you just need to do a little work to beat the competition. Check out the features below.

If you need a more in depth SEO solution please contact us and we will be on call to help you.

SEO Integrated Tools

Keyword selection tool (National or Local Focus)

Title Meta tag generator
tag generator
Automatic Site Map generator
Keyword usage report with suggestions

All features from our Link Building tool
Robots.txt file creation wizard
Internal link structure analysis
Image alt tag analysis and recommendation
Anchor text creation

SEO Reporting

Integrated with Google Analytics
SEO metrics from Alexa and Google Pagerank
Reporting of all SEO Work Completed
Keyword Ranking report (more accurate than other rank reports)
Keyword Competitor research
Choose how many hours you want to spend optimizing your site each month and be notified
Optimize pages on your website
View/Edit your targeted Keywords at any time

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