Email Issues Because of Shared IP

Email Issues Because of Shared IP

Why your email can be blocked when you have a shared IP for your website

Just like shared web hosting, the use of shared IP for your email has many attractions. They range from cost-effective pricing and no upkeep price to rapid set-up. However, the option is not without dire disadvantages which include instability issues and restricted resources. Worst of all, the use of shared IP for your website can cause your email to be blocked.


Reputation Management Problems

When it comes to email deliverability, the sender’s reputation is everything. If your email is being sent over an email server that is associated with spam, there is a very high chance your email will not get to the eyes of your subscribers. The worst thing about using shared IP for your website is that you have no control over the reputation of the IP you use. Considering your IP is shared with several other users, you cannot control the sending reputation. There is no guarantee that other senders are following the best email sending practices.


Although most service providers closely monitor their shared IP, there is always a group that eludes them. As a result, the reputation of other IP users will brush on you thereby making it harder for your emails to reach the inbox of your recipients even where your emails are 100% legit.


Your email can be blocked when using a shared IP for your website simply because users on a shared IP are lumped together from the reputation standpoint. The practice of everyone affects the reputation of the IP you are using. If any of the users employs black-hat email marketing tactics, the rest of the users will gradually be placed under the same negative category.


Why switch to dedicated IPs?

Unlike shared IPs where the behavior of the few is projected on everyone, dedicated IPs gives you the full reputation control. You are the only one using the IP to send emails and run your business. You are totally responsible for whatever you send. Email platforms will start noticing that your subscribers are opening the emails you send and they will bring your emails to the inbox instead of the spam folder.


Needless to say, even with dedicated IPs, if you are not being completely honest with yourself in relation to email practices, your emails may still be blocked. You need to ensure the absolute cleanliness of your mailing list and follow all the rules. Your email volume should also be consistent. Start by warming up your IP address properly to avoid being throttled. Sending an unusually high volume of emails all at once may cause your emails to be regulated or blocked by email platforms.


The chances of your email being blocked depend on you. However, your chances of being blocked are higher on a shared IP since you have no control over the rest of the users. To sum up, the shared IPs is probably ideal for startups and small businesses. When you reach a decent email volume, switching to dedicated IPs is advised. You should also choose dedicated IPs if you wish to have total control over the reputation of your business.