Website Hosting – How to Avoid Common Web Hosting Problems

Website Hosting – How to Avoid Common Web Hosting Problems

The Internet continues to spread its wings even to the remotest of places. This is thanks to wireless network connections. More and more businesses are establishing their presence online. If you are one of those companies or if you plan on taking the step soon, it is important that you learn of the common website hosting problems that website owners face and how you can solve most of them.

Slow loading speeding

Statistically, websites that take more than 5 seconds to load up are often abandoned and receive the least amount of traffic. Your website needs to load fast and be navigable if you wish to get more traffic. Often times, the slow loading speed is not the result of a website having too much clutter but rather the fault of the hosting company.

To avoid this problem, you need to consider the location of your service provider’s data centers. The closer the data centers are to your website users, the faster your website will load. This is what makes it important to consider local hosting companies if you are targeting local consumers. You must also ensure that the company you are using is doing everything possible to reduce network latency else the navigation of your site will let you down.

Expensive hosting plan
You get what you pay for. However, when there are free website hosting services available, look at what the hosting company stands to gain in return. Some may bloat your website with advertisements. You must also consider the disk space and bandwidth you will get. Often times, upgrading to a paid hosting plan is a far better option. You will get more control over your website. However, before you select a hosting plan, go through all the packages and compare the features with other San Diego hosting companies. Paying more for a service does not always mean you will get the best deal. Some companies charge more to cash in on the reputation of their brand name.

Delays in resolving hosting problems
You never worry about technical support until your website starts experiencing problems. The fact that it is taking too much time to resolve a website hosting problem only means that the hosting company you are working with has a poor technical support service.  Know how much time resolving a problem typically takes and make sure the company has a 24/7 support team. If the problem persists and you find many negative reviews relating to the technical support service of the company, it would be a good time to move to another hosting company.

Not disclosing the limitations of a hosting plan
You know you are about to be ripped off if the local hosting companies you are considering are reluctant to disclose the limitations of their plans. Failure to disclose this information means you will not understand the full scope of the service. Always check every aspect of a hosting plan before choosing it. Why is it cheap? What features will you get from the hosting plan?