Video Game Players Demographics and Hosting

Video game demographics generally involves studying the video gaming habits of various kinds of people from different age groups. There are several primary and secondary researching techniques which are used like phone and personal interviews as well as the analysis of market surveys, company literature and trade journals. One such company called Eedar and ComScore are excellent paid sources for demographics.

The demographics of those video game players and related studies usually reveal that video games and playing them are adult-oriented forms of entertainment. Based on the studies conducted, video games are extensively played by men and women alike and nearly 60% of Americans are playing them.

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Studying the demographics of video game players also include the various demographic variables like how many people in the population are actually playing them, what the average age of players is, the gender of video game players, what video games they play and what the effects these video games have on the population. Recent studies have shown that many people consider video games to be a very important entertainment medium.

Based on video game demographics, women make up a significant 39% of those who play video games in the population. Also, a surprising 40% of online gamers are women. 35% are below eighteen years old. And based on studies, the people who regularly play video games are in the 18 to 34 year old age group. As a coincidence this is the perfect target market for most consumer goods.

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Overall, the video game industries and developers are the ones who make the most out of video game demographics. It is through these that they are able to identify the characteristics and preferences of customers and potential clients. They also use video game demographics so that they can enhance the games they develop and release.

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Another aspect that I find compelling is that gamers tend to also have a larger amount of disposable income and tend to spend more toward entertainment and spend a tremendous amount of time talking about themselves or their favorite game in quite a few social media outlets, like Digg and N4g ( News for Gamers ).

Web hosting companies fit into this equation in a few ways.

1. A web host can help a game player establish a blog or social community very easily and inexpensively ( See imBroke )
2. Hosts can  also help with the technical side of a blog and offer help in the search arena.
3. A gamer that has a blog can also monetize their  own social profile using affiliate income to offset the costs of buying games.

The fact is that video gamers are the perfect target market for most consumer goods, as such gamers have a great potential to make some income while following their passion. Play a game, build a blog and make some money to support your habit.